No flies on Shirley

Shirley graduated from the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme in September 2015 and is already making a BIG splash in the male dominated industry of pest control.

Excellent customer service with a caring, professional approach is seeing sales growing month on month across Brisbane, Redland City and Moreton Bay Island.

Like all new businesses the learning curve is steep and Shirley has met every challenge.

Going by feedback to her Facebook page Shirley is on her way to create a successful business empire over the next few years.

Noel Liddell – Absolutely the best, most thorough and professional, pest service we have ever had. Recommend her to anyone for professionalism and quality.

Gerowyn Jensen – I love Shirley’s diligence and attention to detail in her Pest Management Services. She is very dedicated to providing an outstanding service to her clients.

Adeline Lawrence Barncastle – Shirley is passionate about her work and strives to deliver EXCELLENT service! Wishing you continued success Shirley!!

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