Sarina Russo’s business tips for Kochie

Watch as Sarina shares 10 tips for business success when interviewed on Kochie’s Business Builders which airs on Channel Seven.

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  1. Unless you disrupt yourself someone else will
  2. You have to be passionate about what it is you want to start
  3. A lot of start-ups fail because they don’t have determination, resilience or self belief
  4. Take a leap of faith and give it a go
  5. If you have a dream start today
  6. The biggest challenge is self belief
  7. A lot of people embrace the unknown with fear. Entrepreneurs embrace the future with excitement
  8. A strong brand is the fundamental core of business
  9. Become obsessed with your customer so that you have their loyalty
  10. As you enhance someone’s life you are enhancing your own.


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