Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs

Sarina Russo Entrepreneurs has launched over 8500 businesses across Australia. Our trainers and Mentors are experts in their field, guiding and training candidates in best business practice. We have worked with every type of business over the years, leveraging this experience to provide advice specifically catered to you.

We are located across Queensland, NSW, VIC and SA with all of our training taking place in a face to face classroom environment. We pride ourselves in striving for business success and work closely with every new business that comes through our doors, contact us today and bring your business dreams to life.

A Message from Sarina

Sarina Headshot April 2017

The best advice I’ve ever been given is ‘you can do it’. The best advice I can give to anyone is ‘if it is to be, it is up to me’.

Be passionate and believe in yourself – the rest will fall into place.

Sarina Russo Group

The Sarina Russo Group operates from over 200 global sites in Australia, The United Kingdom, India, Vietnam and China delivering:

Vocational and Tertiary Education, Training, Employment and Apprenticeships

The Sarina Russo Group also holds the licences for the James Cook University Campus Brisbane. In 1979, Sarina combined inspiration and desperation to open a small typing school with just nine students. On graduation, she promised all the students jobs and she delivered. The ability to execute is what Sarina Russo stands for and why people have trusted its brand for 38 years.